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Digital Submission Standards 

The emergency response mapping system employed by the NCFPD is a GIS based system. To ensure that the District obtains all necessary emergency response and or occupancy pre-plan information for your building project, a CD containing the required GIS information is required prior to release of your approved plans.  North County Fire has deemed the following developments as being required to meet this standard:

*Residential Developments- five or more units 

*Multi-Family- two or more units



*Office Buildings



This document provides the guidelines and recommended specifications for outside vendors, engineering and architectural firms to submit AutoCAD and compatible formatted files so that these files can be moved into a GIS environment as efficiently as possible. Most engineering and development companies work within an AutoCAD environment and therefore, it is a common practice to have them supply the files during the normal building process. However, these firms may not be familiar with the current GIS environment and may not be familiar with the requirements for GIS in general. Moreover, there is a tendency to supply the data in the same environment that they created it in which is typically so complex and convoluted that it takes more time to ferret through the maze of layers, symbol sets, and files than to just redo the work from scratch. Therefore, these standards are defined in the Digital Submittal Requirements document. If you have any questions after reviewing the requirements, please contact fire prevention at (760) 723-2010 for further clarification.

Click here for PDF with more information.


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