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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Weed Abatement program?
Please refer to this page.

See also: Emergency Medical Services FAQ's

Why Does the Fire Engine come when I request an ambulance?
All Firefighters at NCFPD are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) or Paramedics. If the emergency call is critical, we will need every set of free hands to
attend to the patients needs. We would rather deliver all resources at the onset of a call than call for backup and await for their arrival while the patient
needs care. If the emergency is not serious, units can become available for other emergency calls.

Why do I see the firefighters at the store each day?
Firefighters live at the fire station each day for 24 hours starting at 8 AM and working until 8 AM the next day. As a result, fire crews need to shop for their meals and one person is picked to cook for the crew. Each firefighter contributes his or her own money for a community dinner. While shopping, the
firefighter may have to drop the groceries and run to the fire engine or ambulance for an emergency response.

Where can I get a burn permit?
Burn permits are issued as a courtesy on behalf of the San Diego Air Quality Management District and the California Department of Forestry. A permit can be obtained from Fire Prevention during normal busisness hours, at 315 E Ivy in downtown Fallbrook. In some cases, the Fire Engine may have to inspect the burn site before a permit will be issued.

Do you offer CPR classes?
Yes, we offer CPR classes for community groups. For inquires please contact NCFPD at (760) 723-2005.

Do you do fire extinguisher training?
Yes, we will do fire extinguisher training. However, you or your group must provide the extinguishers. For inquires please contact fire prevention office at
(760) 723-2010.

How much space do I need around my house to protect it from wildfire?
NCFPD recommends 100 feet around your house for protection. Additionally, for ornamental vegetation, you can use several varieties of fire resistant plants
and shrubs. For more information, call the Fire Prevention Bureau at (760) 723-2010.

Why did the ambulance drive past Fallbrook Hospital and all the way to Palomar hospital?
Some hospitals specialize in certain types of emergency cases. Palomar hospital handles traumas, UCSD hospital handles burn patients, Children's Hospital in San Diego specializes in pediatric emergencies. The Paramedic on scene will
communicate the emergency to a doctor at an assigned hospital and the doctor decides the best destination for the patient. Often Fallbrook ER can handle most emergency cases.

If I call 911 for a medical emergency can my family member be transported to my hospital of choice?
Many times Paramedics will accommodate requests for patient destination (if within reason), however if the patients status is critical, he or she will be
transport to the closest most appropriate facility regardless of request.

How can I get my child into the Explorer program at NCFPD?
The Explorer post is open to young men and women ages 15-21. While in the the Explorer Post, explorers are required to maintain grades, learn discipline and
fire service etiquette, complete a fire service workbook, and attend weekly meetings. Explorers are allowed to ride along on actual emergency calls with the fire crews and participate in training activities. Many career firefighters received their start in the explorer post. For more information please contact
the Explorer Post Advisor at (760) 723-2005.



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